Saturday Sweatfest and Reebok Body Board Review

This morning I did some strength training (my first workout of the Bootcamp series – I’m a little behind!) and followed it up with some cardio of dancing around my living room.   Whatever gets your heart rate up and is fun, right!?

Some of the moves in the bootcamp workouts call for the use of a Bosu ballTina, our bootcamp guru, graciously included modifications for people working out with no tools as well so I didn’t really need one.  And unfortunately, my gym doesn’t have any (bare bones Planet Fitness) and they’re so expensive to buy.  I found this Reebok Balance Board and thought it could be a decent alternative to add some challenge to my workouts.  I ordered one from Amazon and tried it out today.

Unfortunately the board is much smaller than a Bosu, both in height and width.  I knew this, but wasn’t sure if I could still work around that.  It’s great to add some balance/core work for arm moves (bicep curls, shoulder flys, etc.), but it’s really narrow for push-ups and not very stable for lunges.  The board has a solid pivot point on the bottom, so it rocks quite a lot while you’re standing on it, really forcing you to focus on tightening your core and engaging your quads, hamstrings and glutes as well.  Probably better to use on a carpet or area rug as it might slip on or dent hardwood floors.

Overall I like it as an addition to my fitness tools, but it’s definitely not a replacement for a Bosu ball.

Now, off to drink some iced coffee and write a paper before visiting with my friends tonight.  One of my best friends (and former roommates!) is visiting from out of town for a job interview and I can’t wait to see her!

Yup, green nails for St. Patrick's Day!