Taking a break

The past two weeks have been a blissful break from nursing school and the sometimes grueling demands of balancing class, work, studying, clinicals, and real life. I’ve been really enjoying having my life back and not feeling the constant pull of guilt that I should be doing something else if I actually take a break to sit and watch a movie or a show with Yvan. Wait, who am I kidding? I don’t even have the mental energy to focus on a movie during the semester. A one hour show is even a little too much for me.

I kicked butt this semester, earned some major skills and knowledge, and did a pretty ok job of balancing everything. And I still managed to get to my goal weight with all that going on! So I took this mini break between semesters to relax. Read books, watch movies, go to Zumba and work out as much as i can, walk in the woods, eat ice cream, sleep in, see friends and family….it’s been blissful.

As a last minute plan, we just booked a campground for the weekend to live up my last few days of freedom before the grind kicks in again.

White Mountains, here I come!


Happy Spring!

Happy spring!  Spring is definitely the best season (until summer arrives, of course!).

Google Image For The First Day of Spring (design by Marimekko)


In honor of today being the first day of spring, I wanted to post my seasonal goals here:

1. Finish Best Body Bootcamp strong! 

I’m starting Week 3 now and this week has got some SERIOUSLY kickass moves.  Today I conquered some supersets of large muscle lower body groups, with spurts of cardio in between.  Yesterday I enjoyed a fast-paced cardio session in the sunshine.  Skinny jeans – I’m coming for you!

2. PR a 5K race

I have a race in April that will probably be pretty slow, but I’m trying to run more to focus on my speed.  I’ll have more time after next week (thank goodness!).

3. Submit 3 nursing school applications

That time I’ll have freed up after next week will really help me focus on this too.

4. Write at least two positive things about myself each day.

Crazy how tough it can be to actually say nice things about yourself sometimes.  But it’s so important for self-esteeem and confidence building.  I’ll start here:

1.  I am patient

2. I have a great sense of humor

What are your goals for spring?



Tomorrow I start my LNA training course run by the Red Cross. Uniform is all laid out, lunch is packed and my mind is racing with excitement.

This is a big step on the way to my ultimate goal.

Five years ago I never could have gotten out from under my fears to see what I even wanted to do…and now I have a plan all laid out in front of me.

I feel grateful and I feel strong.