Taking a break

The past two weeks have been a blissful break from nursing school and the sometimes grueling demands of balancing class, work, studying, clinicals, and real life. I’ve been really enjoying having my life back and not feeling the constant pull of guilt that I should be doing something else if I actually take a break to sit and watch a movie or a show with Yvan. Wait, who am I kidding? I don’t even have the mental energy to focus on a movie during the semester. A one hour show is even a little too much for me.

I kicked butt this semester, earned some major skills and knowledge, and did a pretty ok job of balancing everything. And I still managed to get to my goal weight with all that going on! So I took this mini break between semesters to relax. Read books, watch movies, go to Zumba and work out as much as i can, walk in the woods, eat ice cream, sleep in, see friends and family….it’s been blissful.

As a last minute plan, we just booked a campground for the weekend to live up my last few days of freedom before the grind kicks in again.

White Mountains, here I come!


Age, Health, and Perspective

I recently heard someone call their gray hairs their “sparkles”.  That’s my new favorite thing!  I’m noticing a new one sprouting out of the crown of my head every few weeks now and I’m just starting to not freak out each time.

I’m 34 but still feel like  a kid most of the time.  I think I’m in my twenties still (though, I probably wouldn’t go back to my twenties if you paid me!  Train wreck is an understatement).  I’m more mature now than I was then, more focused.  A whole lot more grounded.  I look before I leap now.  I’m still impulsive and whimsical, but I’ve got a lot more invested in my decisions now.  I really enjoy the life I’ve worked hard for – I’m satisfied.

I have plenty of energy and am in better shape than I was for most of my twenties!  Even when I was in ballet classes four days a week during college, I was drinking enough beer and eating enough pizza bagels to undo  most of that progress!

So, you can’t go back to the younger body and younger skin, unfortunately.  But the trade-off is that with age comes learning and understanding and acceptance.  So I’ll keep pushing this body of mine to get stronger and fitter.  I’ll keep smiling when I find a new “sparkle” in my hair.  And I’ll be thankful that I keep getting older and having the opportunity of more time to learn to love this body I’m in.


Motivate Monday!

Since we still don’t have the blinds installed in our living room, I’ve avoided working out at home since I’m pretty much on full display in there.

So this week I won’t include any of those workouts in my plan!

Monday -arc trainer

Tuesday – 5 mile walk

Wednesday – arc trainer and weights

Thursday – 3 mile walk

Friday – weights

Saturday – run/walk

Sunday – tennis