Motivate Monday!

Since we still don’t have the blinds installed in our living room, I’ve avoided working out at home since I’m pretty much on full display in there.

So this week I won’t include any of those workouts in my plan!

Monday -arc trainer

Tuesday – 5 mile walk

Wednesday – arc trainer and weights

Thursday – 3 mile walk

Friday – weights

Saturday – run/walk

Sunday – tennis

Motivate Monday!

I’m back!

Settled into my new apartment and my new job.

This week I plan to return to regular workouts. I’ve maintained my weight for the last few months but I would really like to start losing again.

Monday – run/walk
(I’m re-starting ease into 5K program)

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – Ripped in 30

Thursday – run/walk

Friday – long weights workout and walk in the woods

Saturday – run/walk

Sunday – Ripped in 30


Motivate Monday

Let’s start by reviewing the results from last week:

Weight loss: + 0.8 lbs

Exercise minutes: 100

Calories burned: 920

Daily goals met: I didn’t make goals for last week, hence the weight gain and the limited exercise!  It is finals time, but that’s no excuse.  I came off a lovely anniversary weekend with my husband where I indulged, but still tracked.  Then I thrust myself into a really busy week and turned to unhealthy eating habits (twice, ugh) and really messed with my mind and my weight.  Onwards and upwards though – every misstep is an opportunity to grow and learn.


And the goals for this week:

Monday -30 minute walk/run
Daily goal: No refined grains or sugars

Tuesday -Ripped in 30
Daily goal: Write 10 positive things about myself

Wednesday -45 min run/walk and STRETCH!
Daily goal: No candy

Thursday – Ripped in 30
Daily goal: Snack well – no processed foods

Friday -45 min run/walk and STRETCH
Daily goal: Pack my closet (this is a BIG scary goal for me!)

Saturday – Active rest day with cleaning and moving boxes
Daily goal: Choose healthy lunch options

Sunday – 45 min run/walk and STRETCH
Daily goal: Track everything