Best Playlists for Lifting

I’ve been searching for some new music lately for lifting.  Something fun, motivating, and with a good beat to keep me pushing through my workouts.  I get bored of listening to the Pandora workout stations because they tend to play the same 10 songs over and over – not all that exciting when you’re working out 5-6 days a week!

I loved when HuffPo referred to the art of getting older when “party music” becomes “gym music”.  For me, this music was never on my radar until I realized just how fantastic it was to listen to while on a run and lifting!  Songs with a good beat, a fun hook, and that make me want to sing and dance will always keep me going.  I’ve definitely been known to take dance breaks between sets of upright rows or squats!

Here are some of the best playlists I’ve found on the web lately:

Best Running Songs of 2012

Shape Magazine’s Best Workout Playlists

FitSugar’s 100 Best Workout Songs on Spotify

Paste Magazine’s Top Workout Song Lists

Finding my running mojo

For weeks I’ve been questioning whether or not I would ever be a “runner” again. Today, I answered that question…

I went for an amazing 4.5 mile run/walk on the Nashua River Rail Trail. I ran the first mile, then did intervals afterwards, totaling 2.3 miles of running. It was sunny, it was peaceful, and I felt amazing. I found myself smiling with the pure joy of it.

It reminded me of why I run – to push myself, to build my confidence, to feel alive.

I even ran in shorts, so high was my confidence today! (Though, I decided I need some tighter shorts so they don’t end up riding up my thighs the entire time! Looks like I need to invest in something like these:

Those kind of scare me though…I might have to wear those under something else!

And another added bonus of today’s amazing workout? A huge calorie burn – 769 according to my heart rate monitor!

Here’s the breakdown:

I locked my keys in my car so the handsome and helpful Yvan had to come and rescue me.


I treated myself to an iced coffee, then made a healthy lunch of curried chicken salad with golden raisins and celery and served it on a sandwich thin with a side green salad.

Motivate Monday!

Since we still don’t have the blinds installed in our living room, I’ve avoided working out at home since I’m pretty much on full display in there.

So this week I won’t include any of those workouts in my plan!

Monday -arc trainer

Tuesday – 5 mile walk

Wednesday – arc trainer and weights

Thursday – 3 mile walk

Friday – weights

Saturday – run/walk

Sunday – tennis