Best Body Bootcamp Redux (And How I Realized that I LOVE lifting weights)

In the past, I’ve always considered myself a cardio girl.  Dancing, step aerobics, spin, treadmill, elliptical – burn calories, burn fat…all that.  Sure I’d take a BodyPump class here and there and I was addicted to Jillian Michaels’ style of incorporating strength into her workouts….but I still wasn’t convinced that I lift weights.  You know because I was only lifting small weights.  (Sorta like when I was running 3-4 times a week but wasn’t quite convinced I was a runner – odd brain I have.)  With weights, it’s been the same thing.  There was some sort of brain block where I would conjure up images of creepy muscle-heads wearing ripped tank tops in a sweaty, smelly gym…a boys only club.  But I wouldn’t look down at my hands and realize that I was LIFTING WEIGHTS.  And I was LOVING IT.

Until these past 8 weeks.  I have been doing Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp and it finally sunk in that not only am I lifting weights, but that I’m enjoying it and I’m seeing results!  I just signed up for the summer session of Best Body Bootcamp because I had so much fun this time around.  I did the workouts either at home or at the gym and really can see a difference in my muscle definition, strength, and stamina. As the summer bootcamp series is about to start, here’s some thoughts on why you should try it too:

  • Weekly workouts planned out for you, with modifications, instructional videos, and challenges.
  • Access to Tina Reale via a private Facebook page, email, and her blog  – a GREAT wealth of support and knowledge and she’s readily available and willing to help
  • Kickass group of people participating in the Bootcamp that support each other and offer advice and fun blog posts to read
  • A better rearview than you started with:picstitch

Best Playlists for Lifting

I’ve been searching for some new music lately for lifting.  Something fun, motivating, and with a good beat to keep me pushing through my workouts.  I get bored of listening to the Pandora workout stations because they tend to play the same 10 songs over and over – not all that exciting when you’re working out 5-6 days a week!

I loved when HuffPo referred to the art of getting older when “party music” becomes “gym music”.  For me, this music was never on my radar until I realized just how fantastic it was to listen to while on a run and lifting!  Songs with a good beat, a fun hook, and that make me want to sing and dance will always keep me going.  I’ve definitely been known to take dance breaks between sets of upright rows or squats!

Here are some of the best playlists I’ve found on the web lately:

Best Running Songs of 2012

Shape Magazine’s Best Workout Playlists

FitSugar’s 100 Best Workout Songs on Spotify

Paste Magazine’s Top Workout Song Lists

Happy Spring!

Happy spring!  Spring is definitely the best season (until summer arrives, of course!).

Google Image For The First Day of Spring (design by Marimekko)


In honor of today being the first day of spring, I wanted to post my seasonal goals here:

1. Finish Best Body Bootcamp strong! 

I’m starting Week 3 now and this week has got some SERIOUSLY kickass moves.  Today I conquered some supersets of large muscle lower body groups, with spurts of cardio in between.  Yesterday I enjoyed a fast-paced cardio session in the sunshine.  Skinny jeans – I’m coming for you!

2. PR a 5K race

I have a race in April that will probably be pretty slow, but I’m trying to run more to focus on my speed.  I’ll have more time after next week (thank goodness!).

3. Submit 3 nursing school applications

That time I’ll have freed up after next week will really help me focus on this too.

4. Write at least two positive things about myself each day.

Crazy how tough it can be to actually say nice things about yourself sometimes.  But it’s so important for self-esteeem and confidence building.  I’ll start here:

1.  I am patient

2. I have a great sense of humor

What are your goals for spring?