Happy Spring!

Happy spring!  Spring is definitely the best season (until summer arrives, of course!).

Google Image For The First Day of Spring (design by Marimekko)


In honor of today being the first day of spring, I wanted to post my seasonal goals here:

1. Finish Best Body Bootcamp strong! 

I’m starting Week 3 now and this week has got some SERIOUSLY kickass moves.  Today I conquered some supersets of large muscle lower body groups, with spurts of cardio in between.  Yesterday I enjoyed a fast-paced cardio session in the sunshine.  Skinny jeans – I’m coming for you!

2. PR a 5K race

I have a race in April that will probably be pretty slow, but I’m trying to run more to focus on my speed.  I’ll have more time after next week (thank goodness!).

3. Submit 3 nursing school applications

That time I’ll have freed up after next week will really help me focus on this too.

4. Write at least two positive things about myself each day.

Crazy how tough it can be to actually say nice things about yourself sometimes.  But it’s so important for self-esteeem and confidence building.  I’ll start here:

1.  I am patient

2. I have a great sense of humor

What are your goals for spring?


Think It Through Thursday

I feel like the last year has been a whirlwind of decision making. These have not been the garden-variety “do you want fries with that”, “red or white” or the ever confusing “can I hit the snooze button just one more time?” These decisions have been big ones.

One after the other – really big decisions. Most have been exciting. Some have been worlds of fun. Others have been stressful and scary.

“Will you marry me?”
“Eloping or wedding?”
“Is nursing the right path for me?”
“How do I transition from office work to healthcare?”
“Is it time to put the dog on medication to control his seizures?”
“Is the health of my aging parents OK and what can I do to help?”
“When can I quit my job and go to school full time?”
“How will we pay for all of this?”
“Where should I apply to nursing school?”
“Which degree is right for me?”

Ultimately, at this point, many of the really big decisions have been made. Now it’s the details.

When will I be able to get into a program, which nursing program is right, do I have the right pre-reqs for all of my programs, when should I take the GREs again?

Looking through the list, the next thing to decide is where I want to apply. Right now, I’ve got a long list of schools so I need to create a comparison sheet to really narrow down the right program for me.

UMass Boston
Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
UMass Boston
Curry College

I’ve created a spreadsheet to fill in where I can compare each program (including pre-reqs, cost and degree received). I will also try to schedule time at each school to visit the campus, view the facilities and meet with a rep from the nursing program to talk through my questions and concerns.

I’m enjoying this time of immense change and excitement, but I need to step back sometimes and just think it all through. Thankfully my husband has been amazingly supportive and believes in me and encourages me. Sometimes, just being able to see myself the way he sees me helps me believe more in myself!

2012 is going to be A-Ma-Zing!

New year, new goals

These aren’t all new goals, but the beginning of the year is a good time to revisit goals, redefine goals and recommit to goals.

So here are my initial twelve goals for 2012, some defined with due dates, others more open:


1. Complete the “Ease Into 10K” training program

2. Run a 5K race in under 35 minutes

3. Run a 10K race

4. Complete another Jillian Michaels’ workout system (30 Day Shred, Six Weeks to Six Pack, etc.)

5. Run the Warrior Dash (or another obstacle event)


6. Become a licensed nurse’s assistant (LNA)

7. Apply to nursing school


8. Track food daily – even if it’s just the food, not the calories, track every single day

9. Reach goal weight

10. Limit refined sugars and grains


11. Knit a pair of socks and a pair of mittens

12.  Learn 2 new dance moves with hula hoop