Best Body Bootcamp Redux (And How I Realized that I LOVE lifting weights)

In the past, I’ve always considered myself a cardio girl.  Dancing, step aerobics, spin, treadmill, elliptical – burn calories, burn fat…all that.  Sure I’d take a BodyPump class here and there and I was addicted to Jillian Michaels’ style of incorporating strength into her workouts….but I still wasn’t convinced that I lift weights.  You know because I was only lifting small weights.  (Sorta like when I was running 3-4 times a week but wasn’t quite convinced I was a runner – odd brain I have.)  With weights, it’s been the same thing.  There was some sort of brain block where I would conjure up images of creepy muscle-heads wearing ripped tank tops in a sweaty, smelly gym…a boys only club.  But I wouldn’t look down at my hands and realize that I was LIFTING WEIGHTS.  And I was LOVING IT.

Until these past 8 weeks.  I have been doing Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp and it finally sunk in that not only am I lifting weights, but that I’m enjoying it and I’m seeing results!  I just signed up for the summer session of Best Body Bootcamp because I had so much fun this time around.  I did the workouts either at home or at the gym and really can see a difference in my muscle definition, strength, and stamina. As the summer bootcamp series is about to start, here’s some thoughts on why you should try it too:

  • Weekly workouts planned out for you, with modifications, instructional videos, and challenges.
  • Access to Tina Reale via a private Facebook page, email, and her blog  – a GREAT wealth of support and knowledge and she’s readily available and willing to help
  • Kickass group of people participating in the Bootcamp that support each other and offer advice and fun blog posts to read
  • A better rearview than you started with:picstitch

One thought on “Best Body Bootcamp Redux (And How I Realized that I LOVE lifting weights)

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. Gotta say you’re last bullet point made me smile. You do have a nice rear view. Awkward comment from a trainer/blog bud? Nah! 😉

    So glad you will be back for the summer round. It’s gonna be fun!

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