Rainy Wednesday

Between the rain and the long day at work (only an 8 hour shift but it FELT long), I’m exhausted.

I was planning to do some weights today but I’m currently on the couch, watching an old episode of What Not to Wear and thinking about a nap or a good book. Hmmm, probably not the best choice. I know a weights workout would only take about 25 mins….but I might have to put it off until tomorrow. I know, I know….but I am putting it here so I will definitely incorporate it tomorrow!

And snacking…..I need to beware of snacking. I’m upset with an exchange I had earlier today with my sister and it’s making me feel snacky and uncomfortable. I hate that my first response to an emotional upset is to eat!

UPDATE: I kicked those blues to the curb and did an upper body workout. It felt good to take control of my mood and of the afternoon.

I also bought a new scale since mine has been semi-broken since we moved. It took a long tumble through the parking lot and has since not been able to zero out. It always started at either 2.8 or 3.0 lbs. Not the most effective tool when I’m trying to track weight loss!

And, one more note: today was rescue mission #2 for my husband. I sat in a large puddle of water (I hope) when I was about to feed a resident. I texted him and he was there within 10 minutes. What a guy (I’m sure it helps that we live one exit down from work!)!


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