Update: Week 3 of Paxil Drug Tapering

The last time I gave an update of how the drug tapering off of Paxil was going, I was feeling pretty great.  I had some clarity, I was calm, and I was hopeful.  (I was also sweating and not sleeping well, but I didn’t mind that since I felt so clear and not anxious!)

The following week was quite different.  I had reoccurring fears popping up – a kind of constant nagging that something was wrong with me, that I wasn’t right, that I was going crazy….fun stuff, really.  I was anxious, I had mood swings, I had some strange visual patterns appearing on the ceiling, and I felt like I might cry at the drop of a hat.  A few times I found myself thinking I was simply going crazy.  Then an hour later I would feel OK again and realize it was just the meds and the withdrawal.

Until Saturday….that was my first normal, feel-good day in a week. It was nice to have a day off from the anxiety to just enjoy myself.  I ran a 5K in the morning, and then walked a few miles on top of that….so I’m wondering if the exercise first thing really contributed to that general feeling of well-being.  I typically wait until the afternoon to exercise.  Might be something to consider changing in my daily routine.

Last night I dropped my dosage again.  I actually had really vivid and intense dreams all night, slept for almost 12 hours and now feel exhausted this morning.  We’ll see what happens this week!  I’m hanging on tight…and will remember to repeat to myself reassuring mantras and also to continue to eat well and exercise daily.



One thought on “Update: Week 3 of Paxil Drug Tapering

  1. I’m sure it’s so scary to have these things happening when you are tapering but it sounds like so far you are handling it pretty well! Maybe if your anxiety/fears seem to be really staying with you you can slow down the tapering a little more?

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