Motivate Monday

Let’s start by reviewing the results from last week:

Weight loss: 2.2 lbs

Exercise minutes: 285

Calories burned: 2400

Daily goals met: 6/7 (I didn’t plan blog posts for this week…but I’d say the rest were definite successes!)

And the goals for this week:

Monday -30 minute walk and abs
Daily goal: 5 servings of vegetables

Tuesday -Ripped in 30
Daily goal: Write 10 positive things about myself

Wednesday -45 min run/walk and STRETCH!
Daily goal: No candy

Thursday – Belly Dancing DVD and Arm Sculpting Barre Workout
Daily goal: Snack well – no processed foods

Friday -45 min run/walk and STRETCH
Daily goal: Stay calm and focused (have some family related things to attend to)

Saturday – Ripped in 30
Daily goal: Track everything (going away for my 1st anniversary)

Sunday – active rest day with lots of walking
Daily goal: Track everything


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