Putting it all out there

How do you decide it’s time to announce your weight on your blog?

How do you let go of the secrecy (and shame) of the actual number your weight represents?

How do you shed the idea that your weight should be a well-kept secret, reserved only for you, your doctor, and your tracking tool?

One thought on “Putting it all out there

  1. (Hey Lady! I kinda forgot for a while that you started this blog but just stumbled across the email where you set me the link . . anyway, so i’ve been reading today and thought I’d chime in!)

    I’ve become very vocal/very open about my weight-no matter what size phase i’m in. I remember keeping it a secret and being so ashamed, always feeling like I had to lie if someone asked. But years ago, when I lost 75 lbs and started telling people how much i lost and how much i once weighed, I started hearing “wow, i never would have thought you weighed that much!” or “there’s no way you way 140, you’re so much smaller than that” . . .and then it hit me . . very few people really have an accurate representation of what a certain weight looks like. Depending on height, body composition and lifestyle, the same exact weight can look (and feel) drastically different on 3 different people. So now, while I’m not proud of my 183 lbs (and definitely ashamed to have gained back all that weight), I feel like that number doesn’t matter much publicly. They might judge me for it, but they’re judging me based on my size already . . .what does the number matter? It doesn’t change how much i weigh or how i feel about myself. If I’m feeling shitty about that number it’s because I’m beating myself up about it, not because of some perceived feeling that that number means anything to someone else. It’s really quite freeing to blurt it out sometimes. It’s nice to not have to hold it all in yourself. But, that’s me, that’s where my head has been for 5 years or so.

    Now if only I could let go of the shame of actually weighing that number . . .

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