An Afternoon in the Sun

Today was 80 degrees and absolutely gorgeous!  W e opened all the windows, wore flip flops and enjoyed every second of it.  Winter in New England is long and can feel never-ending so when the weather heats up and the sun shines bright, us New Englanders take advantage of the rays of Vitamin D!

Yvan and I took advantage of some time outside and went for a long walk in our neighborhood.   We live near some power lines, which doesn’t seem like the most ideal location, but there are miles of trails stretching across the state.  The trails were super muddy in places so it definitely made the 3 mile walk seem like an adventure as we weaved our way through the fields, looking for dry patches to walk on!

After our long walk, we treated ourselves to some frozen yogurt.  The ice cream shop had just opened for the season and there was quite a long line!

We ended the perfect day by firing up the grill and having chicken breast with roasted green beans (my new favorite way to eat them).

Even though I had to write a long and annoying paper today, I still took breaks to enjoy the sunshine and excitement of spring in New England!

Bring on the warmer days!  Spring is my favorite season.  What is yours?



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