Friday Favorites

I’m starting a new weekly routine where on Friday’s I will round up my favorite things from the week – exercises, products, foods, recipes, anything.

Favorite foods

Champagne mango – I’m so happy it’s champagne mango season again.  If you haven’t tried on of these, do it immediately. They’re sweet with a smooth and velvety texture.  You might also see them as yellow mangoes.  They’re in season right now so you can probably find them on sale too!

Cabot Greek yogurt – I’ve been hooked on Chobani Greek yogurt for the past year, but this Cabot low-fat Greek option is cheaper and delicious.  The vanilla bean has flecks of vanilla bean and the texture is really smooth and creamy.  It’s more smooth and less tart than Chobani too – a nice change.

Favorite products

Neutrogena hand cream – Washing my hands constantly while working at the nursing home leads to dry and uncomfortable hands.  This product is an old favorite that I hadn’t used in years and have no idea why I stopped.  It’s great for dry hands, doesn’t feel slimy when it goes on.  I put it on every night before bed and wake up with smooth soft skin again.

Badger Balm – I love Badger everything!  I use some on my lips, some on my hands, some as aromatherapy de-stressers on my temples, and I even sometimes bring them to clinicals to put under my nose to help with some unpleasant scents!  (Better than Vicks Vapo-Rub – less sticky and far better smelling!)  Plus, they are organic and made with only the most natural ingredien

Hope you enjoy these recommendations!

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