What a difference a day makes…

Earlier this week I was stuffing my fears down with sleeves of Ritz crackers.  Never effective, but I felt stuck in some sort of endless loop.

Then I talked to my best friend who shared that she has been having a rough “food week” as well and her sugar addiction was out of control.  I seem to forget every single time that I’m bingeing that the sugar will cause me to crave more sugar.  That endless loop that I feel stuck in is just the sugar.  Once I free myself from that, I can usually see my fears and stresses more clearly and actually deal with them instead of stuffing them down my throat with junk foods.

We vowed to turn things around at that moment, to track all of our food intake, to go to the gym the following day, to cut out the refined sugars, and to check in with each other for support.

I started the day with some fresh mango, strawberries and raspberries with yogurt and granola.  I planned a workout at the gym after clinicals.  I rocked it at clinical and let my self-confidence soar instead of doubting myself.  The day was AMAZING.

And it reminded me that when I take care of myself, I feel good, healthy, strong, and alive!

Here’s to another great day tomorrow.

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