Anxiety strikes

This past week I’ve been battling anxiety and stress. Part of it was definitely hormonal and the other part was a less than stellar grade on a chemistry exam.

Instead of just taking it in stride and committing to working harder and smarter, I let the disappointment fester. I started to worry, to fret and to simmer. I worried that my GPA will plummet and I won’t get into nursing school. I worried that I’ll be a chemistry failure and it’ll impact everything else from here.

Melodramatic? Yes, I can see that now. But I can also see how easy it is for me to let fear take over for me. Fear opens the door for self-doubt and the mean voices that try to convince me I’m just not good enough.

Today I will get a tutor. Today I will be kind to my bruised ego. Today I will stand up to the mean voice and tell it to take a seat.

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