Weekly check-in

This week was overall good. I lost another 2 lbs, I ran outside and rekindled my love for spring running and I ate a variety of grains, fruits and veggies.

  • Limit myself to 100 calories of sweets or treats each day (This one has still been tough, but it is making me think more about what I’m choosing for snacks versus food)
  • Meatless Monday dinners (Last week was coconut lemon chickpeas with spinach and this week is lentil soup)
  • Exercise five times a week, for at least 30 minutes (I’m aiming for 200 minutes of exercise a week and fitting in two strength training workouts. I take a rest day twice a week but if it is 2 in a row I get antsy!)
  • Run the E10K program three times a week (it’s OK to repeat weeks, but not to skip workouts) (I repeated week 3 this week and now feel ready to move onto week 4 (5 8-minute intervals with a minute of walking between each)
  • Only weigh myself once a week (I have managed to cut back drastically!)
  • Track all my food daily – no breaks! ( Life really is easier when I track!)


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