The Crazy Semester and Why I Run

My semester started this Monday and this new schedule will take some getting used to, I think.  Even with taking four classes, labs, homework and work, I still have more free hours in the day than when I was working full time and taking 2 classes.  Big difference now is that instead of being at one place all day (work), I now have to remember which day it is and which time my class is at and where to be when….  My calendar looks a little crazy but once I get into the routine of it, I’m sure it’ll feel less hectic.

I’ve even started adding block of gym/running time into my calendar so I can get a clear reminder that the exercise is NOT something that can go away when I get busy.

Last night I had another run that reminded me why I’m training for a 10K.  It sucked at times, but in the end, it was another opportunity to challenge myself and to overcome mental blocks and to make my body stronger.  And for that, I’ll keep going (the post-run high/glow is totally a bonus too!).

I had a really crap run this past Sunday where every single step felt like torture.  I thought about how much I hated what I was doing, I stopped, I gave up often.  I ran only in 60-90 second intervals.  I couldn’t wait to quit.  Those are the runs that teach me something, if I let them.  Not all days are great, not all runs are great.  But taking something from them and moving on is what counts.

If I stop running now, amidst this crazy semester, I just might lose my mind.  If nothing else, I need to mental clarity that the exercise provides!

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