Goals – Weekly Check-In

Just an update on how I’m doing with my goals for this month.  It’s a good chance for me to revisit what’s working and what I need to focus more on….and to rethink my attitude and my commitment.

My week was great, I thought.  I exercised, worked hard to push past some mental and physical hurdles with running, I did strength training, and I ate well.

But the scale didn’t budge.  It even went UP a little.  What the!?

I’m bloated and frustrated (and PMSy).

I know that some weeks the scale doesn’t respond the way I would expect it to.  And I know that I have to just keep pushing forward and not let it impact me negatively.

I’m struggling to ignore it and increase my intensity.   I really have to fight this week to stay true to my goals and be kind and careful with myself.

  • Limit myself to 100 calories of sweets or treats each day  (This one has been tough, but it is making me think more about what I’m choosing for snacks versus food)
  • Meatless Monday dinners (So far, we’ve stuck to this one – I love it!)
  • Exercise five times a week, for at least 30 minutes (I’ve been really consistent with exercise and enjoying working hard and extending my workout times!)
  • Run the E10K program three times a week (it’s OK to repeat weeks, but not to skip workouts)  (YAY!  I’m on week 3 this week – and I started working on a new stride and really feeling like my running is improving – more on that later.)
  • Only weigh myself once a week (I have been fighting this every single day….it’s my toughest challenge right now)
  • Track all my food daily – no breaks! (Yesterday was the first time all month I haven’t tracked everything, and I ended up feeling guilty and sneaky – I am back on track today.  Life really is easier when I track!)


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