Uniform shopping

I haven’t had to wear a uniform to work in about 14 years – since I worked in the kitchen at a nursing home part-time.  And even then, it was just when I was doing dietary and not serving in in the dining room.  It was just a maroon polo with the nursing home’s name embroidered on the chest.  Hardly much to think about.  So shopping for scrubs and nursing shoes for my LNA course seems both odd and exciting to me!

We’ve been instructed to wear the following for course:

Maroon scrub top (not so bad)
White scrub pants (so not designed for ladies with booties!)
White shoes

Tops have been easy – they’re fairly cheap, they seem to fit well and I was able to get them for under $15 each.  I’m planning to have 3 to start and bought really basic styles.

Pants – wow….white scrub pants…unflattering, sheer and horrible.  (Though I get a kick out of seeing myself in the mirror dressed in scrubs still – such a dork!).  I went to one of the outlets nearby and was able to get some Koi pants for great prices.  The fabric is soft and not entirely see-through and the styles are flattering and dare-I-say almost cute.  I bought two pairs (one cargo style and one notched waist sytle)  and am still looking to buy one more pair.  If I can do landry mid-week, that will keep me in clean scrubs for my classes each week.

Shoes – finally ordered my Dansko clogs today.  I found the Marcelle style on sale and got 2 day shipping for free so I can get them early enough to break them in before class starts.  This style is not being made by Dansko currently but it still availale through many retailers.  After reading countless reviews they seemed the best bet for me (and I love the cute(ish) Mary-Jane style).

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