Grief Bacon

The German word kummerspeck means excess weight gained from emotional  overeating – literally, grief bacon. 
(From this list of trivia)

Obviously, this list is meant to be fun and light, but this one entry struck me.  All of the weight I’ve put on these past 5 months have been because of emotional overeating.  And all of that overeating was fueled by fears, doubts, helplessness and ultimately grief.

Something to remind myself as I struggle with my inner binge-eating demons from time to time.  There are better ways to deal with this grief and sadness!  I could talk it out, exercise, play with the dogs, hug my husband, anything but stuff my feelings down with a pile of food.

Grief bacon – no more for me!

Bacon Love - by Mike Geno (source: Mike Geno's website)

(as an aside – I searched for “bacon sadness” in google images and came up with quite a few images of women wearing bras fashioned out of bacon.  Oh, and bacon flavored lube.  WTF?)

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