Five for Friday

1. I’m totally addicted to Zumba these days and have been going twice a week. Since I took dance classes for almost 20 years, the idea of an hour long dance class where you can learn new choreography in a group setting is a blast for me. I even moved up to the front of the studio this week….finally feeling more confident about shaking my stuff in front of everyone!

2. I have been busting my butt to network and get a new job in a hospital. I want to expand my skill set and get my foot in the door so when I have my RN license (next summer!!) then I can be in a better position to get a position in acute care. My hard work and schmoozing finally paid off this week when I was offered a job at an award-winning facility on a critical care floor. The interview went really well and I heard from HR within a few days. Orientation starts in a few weeks.

3. Yvan and I had such a great time camping last weekend and feel totally geared-up for the rest of this summer’s camping season. We’re planning a trip to the Adirondacks next month and have booked sites at Fish Creek Pond and another state park for the week. I haven’t been back to the Adirondacks since college (can’t believe I graduated 13 years ago). We are so looking forward to the nine days relaxing, swimming, fishing, and just being together.


4. I had been toying with the idea of growing out my bangs, but decided not to yet.  I can just use barrettes and headbands to go for a different look if I want to.  Much easier than dealing with the awkward stages of growing them out right now!  Plus, I still really like them (most days).

5. Cookie dough vodka White Russians (enough said!).


Best Body Bootcamp Redux (And How I Realized that I LOVE lifting weights)

In the past, I’ve always considered myself a cardio girl.  Dancing, step aerobics, spin, treadmill, elliptical – burn calories, burn fat…all that.  Sure I’d take a BodyPump class here and there and I was addicted to Jillian Michaels’ style of incorporating strength into her workouts….but I still wasn’t convinced that I lift weights.  You know because I was only lifting small weights.  (Sorta like when I was running 3-4 times a week but wasn’t quite convinced I was a runner – odd brain I have.)  With weights, it’s been the same thing.  There was some sort of brain block where I would conjure up images of creepy muscle-heads wearing ripped tank tops in a sweaty, smelly gym…a boys only club.  But I wouldn’t look down at my hands and realize that I was LIFTING WEIGHTS.  And I was LOVING IT.

Until these past 8 weeks.  I have been doing Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp and it finally sunk in that not only am I lifting weights, but that I’m enjoying it and I’m seeing results!  I just signed up for the summer session of Best Body Bootcamp because I had so much fun this time around.  I did the workouts either at home or at the gym and really can see a difference in my muscle definition, strength, and stamina. As the summer bootcamp series is about to start, here’s some thoughts on why you should try it too:

  • Weekly workouts planned out for you, with modifications, instructional videos, and challenges.
  • Access to Tina Reale via a private Facebook page, email, and her blog  – a GREAT wealth of support and knowledge and she’s readily available and willing to help
  • Kickass group of people participating in the Bootcamp that support each other and offer advice and fun blog posts to read
  • A better rearview than you started with:picstitch

Taking a break

The past two weeks have been a blissful break from nursing school and the sometimes grueling demands of balancing class, work, studying, clinicals, and real life. I’ve been really enjoying having my life back and not feeling the constant pull of guilt that I should be doing something else if I actually take a break to sit and watch a movie or a show with Yvan. Wait, who am I kidding? I don’t even have the mental energy to focus on a movie during the semester. A one hour show is even a little too much for me.

I kicked butt this semester, earned some major skills and knowledge, and did a pretty ok job of balancing everything. And I still managed to get to my goal weight with all that going on! So I took this mini break between semesters to relax. Read books, watch movies, go to Zumba and work out as much as i can, walk in the woods, eat ice cream, sleep in, see friends and family….it’s been blissful.

As a last minute plan, we just booked a campground for the weekend to live up my last few days of freedom before the grind kicks in again.

White Mountains, here I come!